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We offer a wide and diverse range of trust and trust-related services for high net worth individuals and companies that can be seamlessly tailor-made to suit any needs. Our team draws upon a wealth of experience while being responsive to the specific requirements of each client. Our services are strengthened by a deep understanding of the laws of the respective countries our clients are based in, as well as the sharing of expertise and resources among the member firms of ZICO Holdings Inc. and the ZICO Law Network.

Our trust and trust-related services include:


  • Trusts have a long history of use as a means for individuals and families to control how their assets are held and transferred as part of succession planning.
  • A trust is referred to as Family Trust when the beneficiaries are linked via family relationships.
  • Family trust are often used by families as a tool for succession and/or legacy planning, and the underlying assets held may vary from one family to another. Discretionary Trust and Fixed Interests Trust are some of the most common types of trust.
  • There are several benefits in setting up a family trust. For example, each trust can be revocable or irrevocable and can be customisable to include protector provisions to ensure that there is a form of oversight by an independent party.
  • Unlike a will, it avoids the need to carry out probate and obtain grant letters of administration (or its equivalent) on the demise of the Settlor.
  • Upon the Settlor’s demise, automatic succession by the beneficiaries to the underlying assets of the Trust can be distributed in accordance to the terms of the Trust Deed or at the discretion of the trustee, based on the wishes of the Settlor.


  • The Settlor (the insured person) will transfer his Life Insurance Policy to the Trustee by way of assignment for the Trustee to hold the insurance as the Trust’s assets for the benefit of the Trust’s beneficiaries.
  • Upon the demise of the policy holder, the insurance proceeds received from the insurance policies are managed, protected and kept by the Trustee for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the Trust.
  • Offers great flexibility in distribution of the insurance proceeds to the beneficiaries in accordance with the Settlor’s wishes.
  • Distribution can be made in the form of financing their education needs, living, and medical expenses, etc.


  • Manage assets placed in a trust with reasonable care and skill.
  • Make investment in accordance with the terms of the Trust Deed.
  • Open, administer and monitor various designated accounts and reports on bank balances and accounts.
  • Handling all administrative tasks such as making payments, miscellaneous services, legal, and tax related matters.
  • Distribution of assets to the beneficiaries in accordance with the trustee’s resolutions.


  • A PTC is a company whose sole purpose is to provide trust services to specific trusts or specific group of trusts.
  • PTC can only act as Trustee of such a Trust if each beneficiary of the trust is essentially connected by blood, marriage, or adoption.
  • A PTC structure is a trust structure used by high net worth individuals wishing to establish their own trust company to hold and manage their assets, usually with the assistance of family members and trusted advisers.
  • A PTC is exempt under Section 15(d) of the Trust Companies Act from the requirement to hold a trust business licence. However, it is mandatory for the PTC to engage a licensed trust company to carry out trust administration services for the purposes of conducting necessary checks to comply with any written direction issued by MAS on the prevention of AML/CFT (Section 4(2) Trust Companies (Exemption) Regulations 2005 (“compliance checks”).
  • As a licensed trust company, ZICO Trust can assist with the set-up of PTC structures and be appointed as an administrator to assist the PTC in carrying out compliance checks.
  • A PTC structure allows the settlor, his family members, and trusted advisers to oversee the conduct of the trust and family business. This structure is suited for families who want to retain a high degree of control in management of the family assets/business but is keen on having the benefits of these assets being held by a trust.


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