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ZICO Trust is an independent trust company that works with you to understand your needs, provide creative insights and customise solutions that work best for you. We offer a diverse range of personal and corporate trust services to both onshore and offshore clients which include, among others, the holding, accumulation and preservation of wealth for clients, acting as trustee or escrow agent for corporate transactions such as asset securitization as well as providing fund administration and custodian services.

ZICO Trust is a member of ZICO Holdings Inc. (ZICO), an ASEAN-focused integrated provider of multidisciplinary professional services that is listed on the Catalist board of the Singapore Exchange. Being affiliated to ZICO allows us to further strengthen our services by enabling individuals and organizations to capitalize on opportunities across the ASEAN region through ZICO’s multidisciplinary professional services, regional capabilities and local insights.

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ZICO Trust also works closely with ZICO Law, an independent network of leading ASEAN law firms. Our ability to tap into ZICO Law’s wealth of knowledge and resources gives us a distinct edge in our services as we are able to provide the appropriate legal advice to our clients.

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