Trust Advisory Services

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We advise clients on the use of trusts for private wealth planning which includes:

Insurance Trust

Insurance Trust is a trust irrevocably created during the lifetime of a Settlor to hold his or her insurance policies as trust property, and thus exclude its proceeds from the taxable estate upon his or her death. The objective is meant to facilitate the redemption process whereby the trustee is able to disburse the proceeds of the policy in accordance with the wishes of the settlor.

Share Distribution Trust

In order to ensure the beneficiary(ies) take over the offshore companies upon the demise of the Settlor without prolonged probate administration, this is normally use by clients who wish to hold their offshore companies for succession planning.

Standard Personal Trust

This is suitable for clients who wish to transmit their established legacy to their chosen beneficiaries in order to ensure that family members are well taken care of after the demise of the Settlor or patron and to avoid the “forced heirship” rules.

Unit Trust

ZICO Trust will act as trustee to the unit trust (“the Fund”) and will provide independent net asset valuations report and ensure that the Fund is managed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the trust deed and information memorandum of the Fund.